Compacting The Trash In Your Dumpsters

Posted on: 31 August 2021

For projects that will involve the creation of large amounts of trash and debris, the use of compacting services can reduce the amount of space that this waste will take up in the dumpster that you are using.

Will Your Dumpster Have To Be Removed From The Property To Be Compacted?

Due to the need for powerful machinery to be used to compact the waste in the dumpster, individuals may assume that this means the dumpster will have to be hauled away from the project site in order for this work to be done to it. This could be extremely disruptive to the operations of your project or it may significantly increase the waste management costs that your business is paying. Fortunately, there is no need for this type of transportation as there are mobile trash compacting services that can come to your project site.

Will Mobile Trash Compacting Services Damage The Dumpster?

The services that provide mobile trash compacting projects will have a special tool that can allow them to crush the debris that is in the dumpster. However, these systems are small enough that they can fit in the dumpster without damaging the sides of it. As a result, they can fully compact the trash in the dumpster without causing damage that may force you to replace the container. In many cases, the compacting tool can even have its size adjusted at the site, which can be useful if you are using a dumpster that has an unconventional shape or size.

How Long Will It Take To Compact The Trash In The Dumpster?

While the trash in your dumpster is being compacted, it will not be possible for you or your workers to dispose of the trash in it. Luckily, mobile trash compacting services are able to complete this work fairly quickly. Depending on the type of debris that is needing to be compacted, this process may only take a few minutes to complete. As a result, any impacts on the progress of your project will be limited as much a possible while still providing you with more efficient use of your dumpsters.

Compacting the waste in your dumpster can allow you to reduce the need to have them emptied, but this is a process that people may not understand or appreciate. When you are using a mobile trash compacting service, they will be able to come to your dumpster to compact the trash as much as possible without causing damage or excessive delays.