3 Tips To Guarantee A Positive Dumpster Rental Experience For Your Home

Posted on: 7 September 2021

Renting a dumpster is a simple process that involves working with a rental company to drop a dumpster off at your property. The decisions that you make before getting a dumpster and the ones that you make with a dumpster in your possession will greatly impact your experience. To guarantee a positive experience, you must follow a few tips on renting and using a dumpster.

Street Drop-Off

Making room in your driveway for the dumpster to be dropped off is a viable option. However, you should consider an alternative in leaving the dumpster on the street in front of your home.

While the driveway minimizes your distance between the dumpster and your home, you will enjoy other benefits with a street drop-off. For instance, you can get even elevation compared to your driveway that may be angled. This makes it easier and safer to carry items and use tools such as furniture dollies and hand trucks as you will have more control around the dumpster.

A narrow driveway can make it tough to maneuver around the entire perimeter without stepping on grass or plants nearby. However, you can access at least three sides of a dumpster on the street without trouble and even the side facing the street during low-traffic hours.


A dumpster's dimensions will play a major role in your experience with using the rental. You will find it helpful to estimate how much space you need to throw away everything. Go through your house and take measurements of furniture, features, and items you plan on disposing of.

Getting an idea of how large of a dumpster you need will make it possible to throw everything away in a single trip. While the length and width of the dumpster matter, you should also pay attention to the side height because tall sides allow you to safely fit more things inside.

Dumpster Door

A dumpster without any doors means that you must throw everything inside. This can require you to break down oversized furniture, features, and wood planks. An easy solution is to prioritize a dumpster with a back door that you can open and then walk into the dumpster.

Finding one with a ramp makes it possible to wheel a hand truck or furniture dolly inside. These features minimize the amount of physical work that you must put into filling the dumpster.

Using these tips will help you enjoy a positive dumpster rental experience.