Doing A Large DIY Project? Rent A Dumpster To Deal With The Waste

Posted on: 18 March 2022

If you are doing a large DIY project for your home, you will likely have a lot of waste to deal with during and after you finish. All these things can get in your way while you are working. You can rent a dumpster to help you take care of the waste so you can concentrate on your project. Below is information to help you rent a dumpster that would be right for you.

Determine How Much Waste You Will Have

Before you contact a rental company to rent your dumpster, determine how much waste you think you will have. If you have not started your project yet you should still be able to know approximately how much you will have. For example, if you are remodeling a kitchen you may have to throw away old cabinets, flooring, etc. 

If you have already started on your project, put all the waste you have in one area to help you determine this amount.  

Choose the Right Dumpster 

Once you know how must waste you will have, getting the right dumpster size is the most important thing. They come very small where they can hold only a few trash bags and much larger that can handle larger things. If you choose a dumpster that is too small you will end up having to stop your project to contact the rental company to remove the dumpster and bring you a new one. This will also result in your spending more money. 

There are residential dumpsters that are made for home projects. These work great for throwing away a variety of things, such as interior and exterior renovations, removing junk, removing flooring, and removing a lot of junk that you may be clearing out.

Get Dumpster Permits

You may need to get a permit if you are renting a dumpster. This will depend on where you are placing the dumpster while you are using it. If the dumpster is going to stay on your property you will likely not need a permit. If the dumpster must be placed off your property, however, such as on the street, you may need a permit. 

Your city's website should have information on getting a permit. You can also call them to ask about how you obtain the right permit. The dumpster rental company may also have information about this. 

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