Want To Rent A Dumpster? 2 Reasons To Drop It Off On The Street By Your Home

Posted on: 20 September 2022

When you drive around your neighborhood, you might notice homeowners with dumpsters in their driveways. Using the driveway as a drop-off point is convenient because it minimizes the distance people must travel with items from the backyard or inside the house. But there are multiple reasons why a dumpster drop-off on the street is preferable to a driveway.


The garage is a feature that multiple family members may use every day. For instance, you may have a multicar garage where two people park their vehicles. Your family might also use the garage as a place to park bicycles, scooters, and skateboards that they use in the neighborhood.

Dropping off the dumpster on the street nearby means your garage will not be blocked in any way. As a result, your family can still park cars in the garage throughout the rental duration.


While blocking the garage entrance is a potential concern, you may also know that a driveway drop-off would undoubtedly take up space. A driveway is worth skipping for several reasons.


Family and friends may park in the driveway often. However, a dumpster may block enough of the driveway that you cannot park any vehicle there. Using the street instead will prevent anyone from having to change their parking habits. Another benefit is maintaining maximum protection because vehicles are more likely to be hit by another car while parked on the street.


When you decide on a rental dumpster's size, you may find that it will take up a ton of driveway space. As a result, you might not run out of concrete on both sides of the dumpster. This can make throwing things into the dumpster difficult because you may need to step on the grass.

Another potential issue is that you cannot bring a hand truck or furniture dolly to the side of the dumpster before tossing furniture, debris, or items inside.


A sloped driveway can cause issues with using a rental dumpster. For instance, a steep-enough slope can cause furniture dollies to roll away as soon as you let them go. Debris, furniture, and items can also tip over or roll away, depending on their weight, features, and dimensions.

Bringing items to a dumpster on the street is perfect because you will not have problems with putting things inside.

For these reasons, consider a dumpster rental drop-off on the street outside your house.

For more information about dumpster rentals, contact a local company.