What Do Garbage Removal Companies Do With Trash?

Posted on: 7 March 2023

Did you know the garbage collected by garbage removal services can be useful? Garbage disposal companies separate all the trash they collect and render it to other companies for recycling, decomposition, or energy conversion. 

Here's a detailed explanation of how garbage gets converted into useful products. 

Recyclable Garbage

Recyclable garbage includes reusable items that don't decompose, such as plastics, aluminum parts, glass, and paper. Recycling companies buy recyclable materials and convert them to their original use or other usable products. For instance, they recycle glass jars to package petroleum products and food. And aluminum companies can recycle aluminum cans to make new cans or rain gutters. Also, recyclable plastic can make plastic products such as carpets and packaging material.

Besides, recycling such waste helps to reduce pollution and climate change. Remember to separate your garbage to be part of the environmental conservation movement. For instance, put decomposable trash in one can and non-degradable trash in another. 

Decomposable Garbage 

The decomposable waste from your home or office can also make organic compost for farmers in composting sites. Such waste includes food scraps and yard garbage such as leaves and grass.  Decomposition is a natural process where biodegradable materials rot and get absorbed into the soil. You can observe this process if you leave such waste in your garden for some time. 

Garbage collection companies will save you the trouble of smelly decomposition in your yard by taking the waste to compost sites. Professionals use technology to speed the decomposition process and produce organic manure. This process of waste management contributes to saving the environment and reducing pollution. 

Converting Waste to Energy

Garbage removal professionals also contribute to the waste-to-energy efforts by taking all unrecyclable waste to combustion sites. Garbage disposal companies put plastics, glass, and paper waste in industrial incinerators for combustion. These industries capture the gases produced during the process and use them for generating heat and electricity. The energy produced through these processes supplements the national heat and electricity needs. 

Landfill Waste

If waste is unrecyclable and cannot decompose or get converted into energy, the garbage removal company takes it to a landfill. Landfills have unique designs to hold waste and prevent it from biodegradation. This waste in landfills can harm the environment when left to biodegrade. Such waste includes glass and non-recyclable plastics. Most landfills belong to local municipalities. However, there are other landfills for industrial and hazardous garbage.  

Garbage is better off in a landfill than littering the environment. However, recycling, decomposition, and converting waste to energy should always be the first options in waste management. Reach out to local garbage disposal services to learn more.